Links to Associated Organisations



Giroscope is an award winning housing charity based in the Newington ward of Hull with whom we work in partnership. For over 27 years they have brought sustainable regeneration to our neighbourhood by providing housing, training and employment.

Vulcan Centre

Vulcan Centre uses sport and recreational activities to teach young people about respect and self control. They embrace diversity and use a variety of teaching and learning methods to empower our learners. Their goal is to increase self esteem and improve employability, whilst promoting social inclusion.

Mathews Hub

Are a support service for autistic people without a learning disability aged 13 or over, living in Hull or East Riding who have, or are waiting for a diagnostic assessment.

They provide advice and support in relation to employment, education, housing, benefits, health, and diagnosis.

Hull Scrapstore

The Hull ScrapStore was set up in 1988 and is run by a small team of core staff and dedicated volunteers. As well as providing scrap in the store, which is run for the benefit of members, who work with children and young people, they facilitate a large number of creative art and play workshops in local Schools, community groups and at open events.

Newington Ward Links

Newington Neighbourhood Plan

Get involved in developing the Newington Neighbourhood Plan.

This is the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for the Newington/West Park area which will enable the local community to have more say in the development of the neighbourhood.

Humber Data Observatory

This website provides easy access to key statistics and area profiles using interactive maps, dynamic charts and tables. To see the demographic profile for the Newington ward (or indeed for any other Hull ward), select the ward in the ‘Available areas’ drop down list.

Carnegie Heritage Centre

Based in the former Carnegie Library in the Newington ward the Carnegie Heritage Centre is a resource that can be accessed by people with an interest in both Local and Family history. The centre has an amazing wealth of data about Hull’s history and people’s memories of it.

Community Equality & Well-Being Links

New Economics Foundation – Five Ways to Well-Being

The Five Ways to Well-being are a set of evidence-based actions which promote people’s well-being. They are: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. These activities are simple things individuals can do in their everyday lives.


Saving money by doing the right thing. Why ‘local by default’ must replace ‘diseconomies of scale’

A new approach to delivering our public services.