Newington Neighbourhood Plan

The Newington Neighbourhood Plan is a plan for the Anlaby Road area of the Newington ward which will enable the local community to have more say in the development of their neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Plans are a new tier in planning policy which enables local people to shape the development of the community in which they live for the next twenty years. Anyone resident or working in the area can become a forum member and help shape planning policies and how the area develops in the longer term.

If you would like to get involved and have ideas of your own for the area then please contact us for full details.

Currently we are looking at possibilities within West Park and the land behind the KCOM Stadium commonly known as the ‘Railway Triangle’. This is the site of the original Hull City Football ground and we would like to celebrate its significant historical status and improve the site as a community green space.

Since the Stadium Management Company (SMC) installed a controversial gate across the route through the Railway Triangle cutting off West Park and Walton Street from Argyle Street the Forum are supporting Hull City Councils application to establish an official Public Right of Way connecting Argyle Street to Walton Street through West Park. Consultation by Hull City Council’s Riverside Area Committee is currently live and you can comment and contribute your views online here.

Other issues the plan is reviewing are the local economy, traffic issues, culture & community and the built environment.